Precision Cutting Tools is committed to a Total Quality Program throughout all phases of its operation. We do not believe that just because a process worked well in the past that there’s no need to improve it.

Needs and demands are constantly changing and so must the methods for meeting them. The existing program represents an ongoing effort by the management and employees to continually reduce the variability in all processes and to produce the highest quality products. Reduced variability and process control result in cost savings for the customer as well as increased product reliability.

Chris Rafalskli President and Chief Executive Officer, is 100% dedicated to making this quality program not a short term solution to potential problems, but a way of life within the company working environment. To that end, comprehensive Quality and Operating Manuals that detail and define all operational functions and critical processes have been drafted. Our State of art equipment is designed to ensure consistency and accuracy tool after tool. Our cutting tools are manufactured to the following tolerances.

  • Cutting Diameter on Standard End Mills: +.000/-.002″
  • Shank Diameter: +.000/-.001″
  • Ball Nose Radius: +.000/-.001″
  • Cutting Diameter on Roughing End mills: +.000/-.005″
  • Runout Tolerance: .0005″ maximum shank to cutting diameter on all series.
  • Taper Tolerance: .0005″ maximum